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With the Washington Street location, the Barley Pub can now offer a fantastic and unique restaurant experience in addition to the craft beer and live music. 

Craft Beer

Back in 2000, when The Barley Pub first opened, it was a pioneer for the craft beer movement on the Seacoast. Scott Mason would sometimes have to personally drive across the state to retrieve the special brews for which the Barley Pub is now renown. So many great beers were not yet available in NH, so the Barley Pub had to fight, lobby and work with the state to bring these, now commonplace, brews to NH and to you!

The beer menu at the Barley Pub is always changing, usually on a daily  basis. Sure there are a few classics always available, but the vast majority of Barley taps are dedicated to new, fresh, one of a kind brews to meet the demands of the pub's awesome beer geeks

Awesome Music

The best local bands of the seacoast make the the walls of the Barley Pub sound as good as the beer tastes. Jazz, bluegrass, funk, rock - you name it. Take a look at the music and calendar pages to see who is playing and when.

Beer Geekery

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